North into Queensland – ( Bourke to Cunnamulla 2 days and 256 km )

Left Bourke good and early with a headwind forecast and 135 kms to push through till a small roadhouse inn at a spot called BARRINGUN. The inn is just shy of the NSW QL BORDER .

The head winds and a sore Glut muscle made for a long and uncomfortable ride so I was very pleased to finally arrive .

Views of the Darling river from Bourke North

This place is run by a kiwi lady , name of Jan. She cooked me up this wonderful carnivore feed and was able to resist the urge to place some random member of the plant family on the plate . It went down like a treat and a short time there after my head was on a pillow and I was into blissful deep sleep 😴

the country changed from the drought afflicted area from Dubbo up to Bourke . After crossing into Queensland the effect of some rains , not long ago , are plain to see. The countryside is grassing up and farmers will be thinking of restocking . It’s been so bad the most of the Roo population has simply died .

Second day was a 120 km run into the town of Cunnamulla. About 15 kms from town a rear spoke broke . I pulled it free and limped into town deciding to effect the repair later . Thankfully I do have some spare spokes , but I’m now a little worried that this may keeping happening . We’ll see.

Cunnamulla fella

This striking bronze site in the town centre . Commissioned in 2003 by the local shire it immortalises a famous song sung by the legend Slim Dusty . The words from the song ,

Well I’m a scrubber runner and a breaker too,

I live on damper and Wallaby stew,

I’ve got a big cattle dog with a staghounds cross ,

I never saw a scrubber he couldn’t toss,

Cause I’m the fella from Cunnamulla,

Yes I’m the Cunnamulla fella

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