Day 3 on to Byrock + day 4 to Bourke

Food log

Fasting glucose 5.7

Ketones .7

Still on a caloric deficit with current intake. Have not been eating any food on the ride , just the decent breakfast before beginning . Energy levels very stable throughout the day . Zero hunger or cravings . Being fat adapted certainly makes this trip easier .

Post ride after dinner Ketones 1.8

Glucose 5.6


Some headwinds , so the average speed down but still pretty fast . Will be interesting to watch heart rate trends as they may be insightful if I get overextended – buggered .

Day 4 … a 78 km ride into Bourke.

Started day with some Beef Jerky and 4 fried eggs

Still in a calorie deficit . Surprising how the Carb content of some miscellaneous items adds up .


Stats of the ride into Bourke

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