Day 2 – 92 kms to Nyngan

Started my day with some fried up bacon with 3 eggs on top with some EV OLIVE oil

Day’s end in Nyngan I spoiled myself with a generous 800 gms of T Bone steaks .

Hit the spot

I’m using a The app CARB MANAGER to track all food consumed and the Fitbit app to get some handle on just what calorie consumption is .

Today’s breakdown

The data suggests I’m needing ( using ) lots of calories and in a calorie deficit over these last two days . Interesting fact is I am not experiencing any hunger at all . I’m a well adapted fat burner , been seriously carnivorous since December after being Keto for about 8 months . Current body fat is about 20 % so I have a bunch of energy in my main tank to draw down on till I get to the theoretical 15% mark that may be fairly ideal ( depending on your belief 😉)

So far feeling pretty good . Body handling the load well and bigger days will come with longer distances between possible stopping points .

My ride today was 92 kms – heavy rig total over 75 kgs plus me 🙄

A more general account of my adventure on my blog

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