Day One

Was a good day on the road , just easing into the work . Today I had my first chance to get some handle on how rapidly the ebike batteries would drain on the fully loaded bike . I know that the total weight of the bike and all gear on both the bike and the trailer is something over 70 kgs 😱

What I learnt

1 . On my Eco +1 setting I will get close to 80 kms in this type of conditions ( road surface and lack of strong headwinds )

2 On the middle setting range will decrease to about 50 kms

3 SO — a total range of 240 kms using my three batteries and possibly further if I decrease to the econ setting


Started the day with 2 fried eggs with bacon , followed by a coffee at Narromine after about 35 kms . Had some cheese for a post ride lunch . 650 gm of Steak for dinner

Some ride data shows the ride in two halves . Higher speeds in the last 35 kms , ripping along in the mid 30’s .

Post ride blood glucose 5.7

Post ride Ketones .8

Food Macros today

A few carbs sneak in with the cappuccino milk , cheese and some Lindt 90% dark choc , but keeping it under 23 gms

I feel satisfied , fully satiated and not struggling ( so far ) with energy requirements, fatigue or any food cravings . Looks like I’m running a calorific deficit of about 1000 calories today but as a fully fat adapted metabolism I calculate I have about 40,000 surplus calories available before I need to worry about that . At that point I’d be at a theoretical ideal of body fat 15% for a male

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